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Refereed Journal Articles

Political Dynamics, Private Externality and the Provision of Public Goods

Timothy Kam, Tina Kao and Yingying Lu

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2020), 177, 237-254

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Sustainable International Monetary Policy Cooperation

Ippei Fujiwara, Timothy Kam and Takeki Sunakawa

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2019), 106, 103721

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On Two Notions of Imperfect Credibility in Optimal Monetary Policies

Ippei Fujiwara, Timothy Kam and Takeki Sunakawa

Economics Letters (2019), 174, 22-25

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Nominal Exchange Rate Determinacy Under the Threat of Currency Counterfeiting

Pedro Gomis-Porqueras, Timothy Kam and Chris Waller

American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics (2017), 9(2), 256-273

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On Weak Identification in Structural VAR(MA) Models

Wenying Yao, Timothy Kam and Farshid Vahid

Economics Letters (2017), 156, 1-6

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Regional Economic Growth Disparities: A Political Economy Perspective

Tomohito Okabe and Timothy Kam

European Journal of Political Economy (2017), 46, 26-39

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Solving dynamic public insurance games with endogenous agent distributions: Theory and computational approximation

Timothy Kam and Ronald Stauber

Journal of Mathematical Economics (2016), 64, 77-98

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Anatomizing Incomplete-markets Small Open Economies: Policy Trade-offs and Equilibrium Determinacy

Jaime Alonso-Carrera and Timothy Kam

Macroeconomic Dynamics (2016), 20(4), 1022-1050

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On Stationary Recursive Equilibria and Non-degenerate State Spaces: The Huggett Model

Timothy Kam and Junsang Lee

Journal of Mathematical Economics (2014), 50, 156-159

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Money, Capital and Exchange Rate Fluctuations

Pere Gomis-Porqueras, Timothy Kam and Junsang Lee

International Economic Review (2013), 54(1), 329-353

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Uncovering the Hit List for Small Inflation Targeters: A Bayesian Structural Analysis

Timothy Kam, Kirdan Lees and Philip Liu

Journal of Money, Credit and Banking (2009), 41(4), 583-618

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Bonds with Transactions Service and Optimal Ramsey Policy

Yifan Hu and Timothy Kam

Journal of Macroeconomics, 31: 633-653

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Gains from Interest-rate Smoothing in a Small Open Economy with Zero-bound Aversion

Timothy Kam

North American Journal of Economics and Finance (2009), 20, 24-45

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Public Capital Spillovers and Growth Revisited: A long-run and Dynamic Structural Analysis

Timothy Kam and Yi-Chia Wang

Economic Record (2008), 84(266), 378-392

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How Costly is Exchange Rate Stabilisation for an Inflation Targeter? The Case of Australia

Mark Crosby, Timothy Kam and Kirdan Lees

Economic Record (2008), 84, 354-365

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Interest Rate Smoothing in a Two-Sector Small Open Economy

Timothy Kam

Journal of Macroeconomics (2007), 29(2), 283-304

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